Successfully Co-Parenting A Pet

Although our pets are not children, they are still valued members of a family. After a divorce or breakup, custody of a pet may be shared. This shared custody can be a challenge, but it is possible to do it successfully. Below are a few things you'll need to know and also some tips to make the arrangement work.


Your pet needs to be licensed in most areas of the country to protect both the pet and their owner. The license usually costs only a small yearly fee, but it will help decide which person will be responsible for keeping up with the license/pet's care.

Vet Bills And Appointments

Pets all have yearly medical bills and possible emergency bills as well. Decide which vet will be the primary provider for the animal and which person will be responsible for taking the pet to the appointments. It may be easier to have one person responsible for veterinary appointments, although the costs should be shared. Additionally, if the dog experiences a medical emergency, try to discuss costs before deciding on a treatment plan. Since not everyone has the same view of veterinarian expenses, reaching an agreement in this area will lead to fewer problems in the future.

Reach A Custody Arrangement

A certain routine is going to be the best option for the pet, but it's important to have a custody agreement in writing as well. Write up a schedule and include major holidays, as these can be areas of conflict. Try to maintain as fair of a custody arrangement as possible.

Custody Sharing Tips

Now that you've got the major areas figured out, living with the shared custody of a beloved pet can be a challenge. You'll probably experience some anger and frustration, so these tips can help you maintain a healthy arrangement.

Put The Pet First - Whenever there are disagreements, bring up what would be best for the pet. This simple reminder can help to keep the conversation civil and focused on what is really important. Pets depend on their owners for practically everything, and keeping this in mind can often defuse even the most tense conversations.

Limit Arguments About Small Stuff - Maybe you don't like the way that the dog was groomed or the cat didn't get the food you prefer. These matters are often small and should be ignored as much as possible. If there is a legitimate reason for concern, such as the pet needing to be on a specific food for medical reasons, bring this up, but do so with a clear rationale. Anything else is best left unsaid.

Be Consistent With Boundaries - Your pet has probably been trained to follow certain rules and boundaries, but these may be different at each other's homes. Try to come up with a basic set of rules for the pet. Examples often include whether pets are allowed on the furniture or feeding schedules. Try to be consistent as much as possible and be willing to compromise if you can.


Co-parenting a pet can be a challenge, but it is possible with some planning and consideration. Use these tips to develop a plan with your former partner to try to avoid long-term problems.

5 Relationship Mistakes We All Make

This video applies to any relationship you might have, whether it's romantic, a friendship, a family member, etc. Let's all be aware of how we're acting with other and our relationships will only thrive if we are considerate with each other.

Fun First Date Ideas

Let's face it, first dates can be a nerve-racking occasion. There is a lot to consider when you are preparing for this kind of event. First, you have to look attractive and well-groomed, and pick out a romantic and adventurous dating scenario that will wow your date. If you want to avoid the classic "dinner and a movie" type of date, here are a couple of interesting ideas for you to select from.


Theme Parks And Carnivals



Who doesn't like cotton candy and roller coasters? There will be a ton of fun activities to choose from, foods and drinks in proximity, and long lines that offer a chance to talk and get to know each other. Let out your inner child and enjoy the thrilling rides, holding hands with your date.


Visit The Zoo

Here, we recall another of our favorite childhood activities. It is a great opportunity to get to know someone, and the amount of animals present will save you from a shortage of conversation. If your date happens to be an animal lover, he or she will appreciate this date greatly.


A Picnic In The Park 



Organizing a picnic in the park is a fairly more complicated affair than going for a walk there, but if done right, it can be an idyllic first date. First, you will have to prepare and pack food and beverages. This is the type of date where your conversation skills have to be on point, as you will have less distractions around you. It is a perfect option when you just want to get to know someone and have a chance to talk with them.


Go Kayaking

Have a unique and memorable date by doing something more adventurous. A more active and non traditional experience like this will help you bond and have a great first date story to tell. Your date will be impressed by your bold choice and you have a conversation topic to go with it. You can rent kayaks like the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS sit on kayak, a great boat for beginners.


See An Outdoor Movie



Do the movie date thing a little differently. You can either go see a movie outdoors or visit a local drive-in movie theater. It also allows for more privacy and you can get fresh air at the same time.


Karaoke Bar

Whether you have impressive vocals or not is irrelevant. You can have fun belting out your favorite songs and show your date how confident you are. Step out of your comfort zone and you will have a fun night to remember.


A Walk In The Park



A simple, cost-free date where you will be able to talk with no interruptions and gaze at nature. If you like people or nature watching, this might be the thing for you. You could also drink some coffee as you walk.


Go On A Bike Ride

If the weather conditions are favorable, have a more active date by enjoying bike rides. Admire beautiful views and discover charming new spots. You could also bike first to build up your appetites to enjoy a romantic dinner out.


Stand-Up Comedy Show



Show your date that you have a sense of humor and loosen up by visiting your favorite comedian's show. You will certainly find out if you and your date share the same sense of humor, and if you can have fun together.


Do these sound like good ideas? You could always try them out and see how it goes. Other ideas would include a concert, bowling, a sports game (if you both like sports), wine tastings, going for ice cream, playing games like pool or shuffleboard, a hot air balloon ride, etc. There's so many to list! You could even be creative and combine two of them, whatever works!

Dating Someone With Children - Yay Or Nay?

Here is some helpful advice if you are considering dating someone with a child, or multiple children. The main advice is to ask yourself if you're ready to take that on. And there's nothing wrong with not wanting to do that. It's all a matter of preference and what you may be able to handle or not. An older child would be easier, but you may want to think twice if they are very young. Or maybe you yourself already have kids, so you could all join together and it wouldn't even be a problem. But this is for those who don't, mainly...

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life In A Long Term Relationship

If you are a married man or woman and you want to spice up your sex life, this article will give you some useful tips. The excitement and thrill you once felt for your spouse may have vanished over the years. Your sex life may have become something routine, like brushing or bathing...just going through the motions. Still, you don't want to fully let go of your sex life because you understand how important it is for your relationship.

What you need are some creative ways of doing things differently during or before sex. You have to go out of your routine and try something different, using your imagination to bring back some of that excitement you once had. It won't fully be like it was in the beginning, but here are some ideas to try to add a spark back into your boring, comfortable sex life.


Refresh Your Mindset


Couples who have been together for a while will get bored if their sex is the same every time. They can also get so busy with other things, like work or kids, that there is no intimate time for each other. But if you clear some time just for each other, you can develop intimacy by watching romantic/erotic movies together or reading novels, which will help you get in the mood. Communication is really important and you have to talk about your needs, wants and your fantasies with your partner without being shy.


Start With Prolonged Foreplay

If you always skip the foreplay, start with that and maybe extend it to really get things going. Foreplay builds a lot of anticipation and excitement for what is about to come. Women need to feel a bond before getting into sex, so guys have to be more attentive and caring before having sex. Foreplay is the best way to accomplish this. Eating chocolates before foreplay could be a great way to stimulate pleasure in the brain, and you could cuddle while eating it  to really amplify things.


Massage Sessions


Massage time with oils and candles in the background can lead to a passionate lovemaking session. The light soft touches during a massage will lead to kissing and then to sex. This goes both ways, not just the man massaging the woman. If you don't need to use protection, the oil could act as an extra lubricant, which makes things feel better for both parties.



Sexting during the day while one or both of you is at work will build anticipation and help plant seeds throughout the day of what will be happening at night. It will make foreplay much easier if you both have been thinking about it and looking forward to it.


Change Sex Locations


To have an amazing sexual experience, you need to create an environment that supports it. Use scents and perfumes, since they have the magical ability to enhance the whole experience and bring up erotic feelings. Put on some romantic music and dim the lights, and maybe use some candles too. Even better,  you can be intimate in the shower with candles on. If you always have sex in one room, try different areas like the kitchen, the living room couch or floor, in the car, in a public bathroom, anywhere that can add more excitement.


Wear Different Clothes

For women, have your man wear something you find sexy, like a college guy with a backward hat, a fireman, or a mechanic, etc. For men, pick out some lingerie for your lady, or have them dress as something that excites you as well, like a nurse, police woman, college girl, etc.


Talk Dirty


You don't have to roleplay to talk dirty. You can talk about what is happening while you are going through with your foreplay. Talk about how handsome/beautiful he/she is, tell them how good he/she is to touch, you can say "I have been thinking about you all day long", tell them how sexy they are, how good they smell/taste, etc. There's so many options to choose from.


Try Different Positions

If you are bored with missionary, put a pillow under her hips for a deeper penetration, more sensations, and excitement for each other. This will help both of you to reach better and stronger orgasms. Women can get on top while he is sitting and he will love seeing your breasts bounce. You will able to control the speed and tempo and you will have greater G-spot stimulation if you lean back slightly. Try out a new position every week and see which ones work best.


Change The Times


Maybe changing the times is the only thing you need to improve your sex life. You may be really exhausted and do not have the energy at the end of the day after taking care of kids, going through a hectic work day and other social activities. If so, change it to early mornings if possible. Start with oral and build up from there. You will have things to remember at your office or even at a boring meeting.



Handcuffing and blindfolding each other is a great way to enhance the sensations of each other's touch. It is also great for teasing and building up the anticipation of what they are going to do next. Take it slow and surprise them with an action they aren't expecting.



Intimacy and having a great sex life in a long-term relationship takes work from both partners. You would only be limited by your lack of imagination or effort. If you really want to bring a spark back into your sex life, these tips will help, so start trying to change things for the better!

5 Ways To Deal With Sibling Rivalry

Siblings who claim  that they never fight are definitely hiding something. I bet you can relate to this, because as kids, most of us and our siblings probably drove each other up the wall by stealing toys, borrowing sweaters or crossing invisible boundaries if you shared a room. Does it happen to everyone? No, not all sibling issues revolve around arguments, theft or hatred. Maybe you came to realize that you and your siblings are different people who you have so little in common with, that the only connection you have with them is having the same blood.

Siblings are important in many ways, but extreme rivalry brings forth serious emotional effects. Siblings will outlive your parents, in most cases, so they would be the last family member alive who you can reminisce with about your childhood. It would be tragic to be on bad terms. But what if your sibling won't let up on competing with you or being jealous of you? How do you reconcile and deal with it? Below are some great tips to help you get past it and move on.


1. Sensitivity

Talk to them gently and be non-confrontational. The more calmly you raise the topic, the more productive it will turn out. If your sibling tries to compete with you, understand that feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity are the reason behind their behaviour. Be gentle with your approach and maybe plan what you are about to say. If they start to get argumentative or worked up, back away and try again later. But keep working at it little by little, because they might be more receptive and understanding the next time.


2. Give Them The Benefit Of The Doubt

Explain how their behavior makes you feel, without passing judgment. What if they didn't realize that their behavior towards you was hurtful? Give them the benefit of the doubt and move on with your life the best way you can. Give them a chance to correct the situation, but if they don't and you realize they didn't care if something bothered you, detach yourself from the drama and keep your distance.


3. Leave It Behind

Avoid rolling out a list of all the times you've had grievances. No one likes to dwell on the past. Let it go, focus on what you can do to mend the relationship in the present moment. Don't let them bring up the past either, as some may try that to make you feel bad. Calmly tell them that you aren't discussing the past and would like to focus on the present.


4. Be Realistic With Your Expectations

Focus on incremental progress. Years and years of resentment won't vanish after a few conversations, so that will take time. So as you make progress, celebrate the tiny victories. It's one step at a time, and it also takes realizing your own faults in those situations, if you were also to blame.


5. Show Them Your Inadequacies

Chances are that your sibling had/has a glamorous perception of your life. Show them the truth about yourself, the unattractive parts of your life. Have a heart-to-heart talk with them, sharing your experience of how you felt inferior to them while growing up. If they are jealous of your accomplishments, show them that you too have things that aren't all that great.This will help them develop a sensible outlook of your life in comparison. Sometimes you have to downplay things to get along with a jealous sibling.


An experiment was done where a bunch of kids were told to give their reactions based on a hypothetical situation. Dolls were used to represent a baby suckling with an older sibling standing next to them. The kids went bonkers and attacked the baby dolls. All of this was because of a simple question about what the older brother or sister would do after seeing a baby for the first time. "We don't need two babies in the house." was their response.

What competitiveness! Sibling rivalry is serious, but don't let it stop you from living your life. Be independent, be yourself, and have your own style, whether or not things turn out in your favor. Try to reconcile, but if you cant, then just let it be and move on with your life. You can't change anyone, so let them do their thing and you do yours and you can meet people who won't cause drama in your life.

Are You With A Covert Narcissist? If So, Run!

If you've been dating someone for a few months or even longer, and it feels like something is off with them, don't hesitate to investigate the signs of mental illness on your own. Overt narcissists are much easier to spot than Coverts, so you may not know right away. In fact, it could take years for their 'mask' to fall off, and by then it will be too late and you will be even more hurt, with more time and feelings invested in them. So watch this video, and keep these things in mind to watch out for, because you never know when you might encounter one, even as a friend.

Why Do Couples Fight Over Money?

Being a couple isn't easy: good relationships take a lot of consistent work.  To top it off, people now showcase their "perfect" relationships through the use of social media, easily generating the image of a 100% full-time happy couple.

Not true!  Every couple goes through a hard time, even those seemingly so 100% full-time happy couples.  And the top reason most couples fight?  Not suprisingly so:


When a couple is co-habitating and sharing rent and the rest of the bills, most couples assume a mostly even split.  However, if you have one partner making less money than the other partner, this can create a feeling of distress, insecurity, and in general, "not being good enough" no matter how silly it seems. 

Here is an informative video that gives you a bit more insight over why couples fight over money:

It is important to remember that the more open you are with your partner, the more communicative you are, the better it is for your relationship!

10 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

All relationships have inevitable ups and downs. So how do you know that yours is healthy? People in healthy relationships give each other space to express themselves. They spend quality time together, yet enough time apart to reflect and attend to their individual needs. They find balance and share responsibilities fairly and each person will understand when the other needs help.

People in healthy relationships acknowledge that trust is the foundation of their relationship and can discuss matters openly. Each partner Is willing to let go of the other's past misgivings, strengthening the relationship over time.


Healthy minded people inspire their partners to grow and understand that conflicts are unavoidable, and that arguments result in positive change. Furthermore, they never pressure each other or rush to build their lives together. A couple in a good relationship makes joint decisions and gives room to each other to air their concerns and needs. They take turns to have the things they want and find joy in doing that.

Most importantly, they appreciate the little things and accept each other as they are. They are willing to stick together during tough times and give each other support when the road gets rocky. If you'd like to read more about healthy relationships, click here.